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Best vegan cookies I've ever had. They're moist and chewy, with a very generous amount

of dark chocolate chips. #jaan

A delicious soft, moist and decadent cookie. Full of melted chocolate chips and a soft

bake. Love the packaging and it’s even plastic free! Great for gift giving. #jaan

I rave about this cookie to everyone. Even my non-vegan friends are obsessed with The

Flower Child. The inside is ooey gooey with a generous distribution of chocolate chips. Best vegan cookie in Jakarta! The description of the cookies on the boxes are adorable and well thought out. Dough Lab ticks all the boxes 🙌 #JAAN

I love cookies so much. This one is pretty different because it's really thick! Who

doesn't live thick cookies, eh? #jaan

I thought that this would be as strongly sweet as sbx's (which I kinda hate)

but it broke my expectation🤯 It was ooey gooey delicious especially having it with a side of coffee🤤 No wonder kak @annabella loves this so much! #jaan

I was really looking forward on tasting this cookie! i first heard about it from

Annabella (@annaveganfooddiary). It tasted good, the chocolate chips were melty eventhough i didn’t heat it up. i don’t know if it’s just me, but it also had a hint of banana flavor in it. I suggest storing it in the fridge though, because after a day in room temperature it started to get a little moldy. Overall, i’d buy it again!

These chewy and moist cookies taste delicious! It reminded me of a peaceful and joyful

Christmas, especially because I ate it with the accompany of warm soy milk. The dark chocolate chunks complete the whole dish. Overall, it's perfect for you who is searching for comfort foods. These cookies even have a surprising kick of banana.

Best cookie I've ever had. The chocolate is so rich and the dough so chewy.

A bit too sweet thou

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