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by Donut Friend


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10 June 2020
Literally the best vegan donuts I have ever had. The custard filling in the brûlée

donut and Boston cream pie donut are AMAZING. The Samoa donut tastes exactly like the Girl Scout cookie (which used to be a fav before I went vegan).

Obviously I should have deducted stars for nutrition but who worries about nutrition content when going out for donuts? I didn’t want this place to have anything less than 5 stars.

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Have tried almost all of the donuts here & they are all amazing. This is

my number one must-stop-at-no-matter-what place when I travel down to LA. My favorites are: Custard Front Drive, The Strawberry So Far, Fudgegazi, MC5 Spice, Strawberry Lab, & the Polar Berry Club (in roughly this order).

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Fudgegazi, Youth Brûlée, Green Teagan and Sara, DIY, Thrice Krispy, and Compassion Fruit

Donuts are very

flavorful and soft. You can not tell that these are vegan. Love them so much!


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Donut Friend offers a large variety of donuts and they vary. I love any donut

that’s chocolate or has sprinkles. They’re donut have the perfect texture and aren’t hard or dry. I love going here when I’m in the L.A area.

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This is the X-Ray Speculoos with chocolate ice cream smothered in between...it is literally heaven

biting into this delicious donut ice cream sandwich! You need this in your life, trust me!

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Wow wow wow!!! These are the best donuts I’ve ever had. Vegan or not, if

you’re ever in LA Donut Friend is a must stop 🤤🍩🍰🍓
Love that their flavor selection is so unique, yet familiar in the most delicious way possible

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Donut Friend is my favorite donut spot. I get plenty of extra and eat them

for days! Fudgegazi is one of my favorites!

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The best vegan donut place I’ve ever been! Go here! Such great unique flavors. And

they have ice cream too.

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Every time we go we ask ourselves if the secret is that these aren't really

vegan - but they really are! My favorite: Polar Berry Club. My husband's favorite: Youth Brulée.

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