by Dolce Bakery
4.40 (12)
  • Is Cruffin vegan? Yes! Cruffin is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

So good. This is a peanut butter cruffin. Not too sweet. If you love croissants,

you'll love this

These go straight from the lips to the hips. And don't fool yourself and think

one is enough

I am behind the times, clearly!
Every Saturday Russell “Bakerman” from Dolcé sells a “Cruffin”

that changes it’s flavour each week.
Bae and I started “The 5am Club” (if you know, you know) and we decided to walk to Dolcé in the rain to get a “Cruffin.”
This week’s flavour: Blueberry and Lemon Curd. Outstanding! (Even though I got most of it smooshed on my beard. Shame.)

(Read this review in your best movie trailer voice:)
From the creators of the best vegan

croissants in Cape Town comes their next epic vegan treat:
(cue action music)
Just when you thought they had you sold on their Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart or Carrot and Orange Cake, the CRUFFIN hit the market.
Ask yourself: When last did YOU have a moist CRUFFIN’?
(drops mic)

The pastry on their peanut butter flavoured cruffin was amazing. I’d prefer a different flavour

maybe but I’ll get another one next Saturday for sure!

Yes!!! A croissant and muffin all in one!! You wouldn’t know it was dairy free.

Moist, flakey pastry. Lovely chai filling.

The most amazing idea - a croissant crossed with a muffin! Also had gooey brownie

mix in the middle - yummy!

I drove all the way from Stellenbosch for this magnificent treat and would do it

again in a heartbeat! Thought it would be too big or too sweet for me and I would have to save some for later, but my worry was misplaced - I basically inhaled it and left Dolcé with two more as a takeaway.

These brownie & Pecan cruffins were delicious! Gorgeous to look at and super yummy


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