Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushrooms

  • Is Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushrooms vegan? Yes! Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushrooms is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.51 (9)

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Most helpful reviews

This is a must-try! Although the mushroom is not so crispy and a bit soggy

(probably because there was so much sweet and sour sauce), it was a very tasty dish with lots of vegetables. #crf

I really enjoyed this! My only complaint is that the carrots were super raw and

of you’re not into that, you’d probably pick out all the carrots like I did. The mushrooms were fried in a batter which added a nice crunch to the dish. It’s really affordable as well which is a bonus. Also you can’t really go wrong with Sweet & Sour anything!


This has the typical flavour profile of sweet and sour pork - tangy and ketchupy.

Love the crispiness of the battered abalone mushrooms!


Part of rice set. Deep fried crispy abalone mushrooms coupled with capsicums and carrots. Would

be great if they offer wholegrain rice alternatives. Protein count for this dish isn't ideal for a veg/vegan though. Taste-wise, lip smacking!

Quite a portion of crispy abalone mushrooms and all the other veggies with sweet &

sour sauce, overall it's good👍🏻

Hands down our favorite every time we come here. Sauce is very tasty and

the mushrooms absorb the sauce for a flavor explosion as you eat.

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