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Satay Bee Hoon

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4.44 (11)

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19 November 2020
Soft rice noodles drenched in peanut/satay sauce 🥰🥰 Haven’t had this dish in AGES

b’cos literally all the satay beehoons include seafood or some sort of meat 😟 soo thankful for D’life cos they veganize so many #local dishes! 👍🏻👍🏻 HIGHLY REC!

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28 July 2020
Loved the generous strong peanut satay sauce along with the bee hoon.

Reasonably priced and has a good proportion of noodles, sauce, tofu puffs, mushrooms and vegetables blended into the dish. Absolutely loved it.

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13 July 2021
Vegan satay beehoon.

Rich in flavour and generous in portion due to big bowl.

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13 March 2020
after having two bad food experience here, my mom finally found her favourite dish.

i knew d’life is always the to-go place and I’m so glad my mom didn’t give up coming to here completely because we can con’t coming here together

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29 January 2021
when mom is unhappy, this will make up for everything

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3 February 2021
This was $5.90.

It came with lots of veggies and some tau pok mock cuttlefish and prawn.Personally not a fan of the mock stuff and would have preferred more tau pok instead, but I enjoyed the dish as a whole. The peanut sauce was flavourful and they were quite generous with it. :)

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20 December 2020
Extremely delicious, the nutty and spice flavours were amazing.

Can request for the dish to be less spicy

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4 December 2019
Yummy spin on the use of satay sauce mixed very well with all the other

ingredients! ;)) worth the price.

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22 January 2020
Slightly spicy, satisfying.

You want more after every bite.

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8 November 2020
Big portion at $5!

The taste was good and the peanut pieces really bring out the “satay” feel :)

P.S. an out of topic comment, to avoid long waiting time, don’t go during peak hours 😂

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