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  • Rendang Lion Mane Mushrooms

Rendang Lion Mane Mushrooms

by D’Life Signature


4.31 (9)

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29 July 2019
A very nice and creamy rendition which isnt spicy!

First tried this when they were at Parkway Parade and their standard has remained consistent. Only downside is some oil will seep out from the sauce after awhile.

This outlet is said to be fully vegan (but pls confirm w the staff), however its a little pricier (this dish was $12) than their other branches in the...

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9 April 2020
Tasty dish with great flavours of Rendang/curry and I absolutely love this type of mushrooms.

Only discovered it in the last couple of months and it’s got great texture - I like!

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24 February 2021
Comes with rice!!

Cheap and good in an airconditioned place :)

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12 March 2020
A roaring dish... Tender lion’s mane mushrooms nicely coated in rendang sauce.

It’s not too spicy but a hella tasty.

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28 July 2020
Robust, flavorful, texture of mushrooms was very similar to meat.

Order a big bowl of rice to go with this one.

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14 February 2020
The dish had lion mane mushrooms and potatoes.

The taste was quite rendang like. It was .more of a curry flavour

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