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Not your typical #yuba 🙌 This was a little more #fish reminiscent than usual and

plenty soily 👈 I was going to type salty and oily but this is what my fingers decided to go with 😂 I’m sticking with it cause it is a perfect combo! Especially as a sodium deficient #unhealthyvegan such as myself 😙 Hey, doctor advised I should eat more salt! aka. #veganjunkfood 😜

Not a fan of the filling. More oily and salty than the usual ytf type

of yuba

脆皮酿腐竹 Fried fishcake-like yuba, nice albeit similar to what's found in other veg eateries such

as Flavours By Saute, so it wasn't particularly special. Very oily and gave me instant discomfort in my throat. P.S. The new one-page dim sum menu at D'Life Signature Chinatown Point is fully vegan. (Allium-free, $4.80) #sgvegan #vegandimsum

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