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Hor fun

by Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant


4.03 (7)

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10 August 2021
Had a few disappointing dishes from this restaurant but there’s also a few show

stopper LIKE THIS!

Okay it wasn’t like super good but it was definitely not bad! The ‘crabmeat’ & ‘prawn’ still tastes like plastic BUT the Kway Teow & soup was damn...

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13 September 2020
Subpar and way too wet.

Hor fun should have a balance. Ended up soaking it in black vinegar for some taste. Wouldn't order this again though.

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9 August 2021
first of all, this portion was HUGE.

my friend and i should have just shared it. second of all, it was only $4.50?!! and lastly, the wok hei flavour was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 would love to come back to hougang for...

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12 September 2020
Another delicious local delight from these lovely folk.

This was a sharing portion we ordered. Divine Realm serves up really nice and affordable veg and vegan food. Perfect for casual dinners with the family.

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21 March 2023
Finally sat down to write some reviews after being MIA for quite some time!

The serving was pretty big, but this hor fun didn’t really get that ‘WOW this is divine!!’ reaction from me…

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1 November 2022
This hor fun was ok with wok hei.

Very nice as it was served very hot. Large portion but it was swimming in gravy which I am not a fan of. A little salty for my...

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7 December 2021
The hor fan is nice particularly its gravy.

It also has mushrooms in it…to top it all. This one is really tasty. Must try !!!

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