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  • Veganized Fried rice

Veganized Fried rice

by Din Tai Fung Junction 8


4.05 (24)

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9 October 2021
Never thought plain fried rice with veggies could taste this good.

I love the plump short grain rice that they use!

👻 #veganisnotscary

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12 September 2021
It was decent dish.portion good for sharing between 2.

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9 February 2021
Never really thought to ask for vegan fried rice but here it is!

I actually thought it was going to be plain but it was amazing. Enough said really. Order it

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18 April 2019
I always look forward to ordering the plain egg fried rice at Din Tai Fung

but today we had the one without egg. Good attempt at making a fried rice without egg but it was just not the same for me 😩 Felt like it was sorely lacking in taste and flavour. Maybe they could have added more sauce/seasoning or...

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4 December 2019
I love the amount of greens in this, because greens are life.

Never thought I would grow up to say that! Guess you were right mom! #jaan

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24 April 2019
This was sooo good!

Often when I order fried rice from non veg places especially without egg it isn’t satisfying but this was surprisingly flavourful. Needed to add soy sauce to make it tasty enough.

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2 February 2021
They have a vegetarian menu with some vegan items just ask for it.

This is one of them, eggless fried rice!

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22 April 2019
Good fried rice, no eggs so it’s lighter and more fresh tasting thanks to the


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31 January 2021
Somehow so good!

Don’t feel like I’m missing out on egg fried rice at all

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2 November 2020
would recommend!!!!

very easy to order too!!! not super flavourful but u can add chilli and soy sauce

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