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  • Steamed Yam Bun
  • Steamed Yam Bun

Steamed Yam Bun

by Din Tai Fung


4.46 (10)

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31 August 2018
If you have a sweet tooth and love dumplings, this is definitely a must order

at Din Tai Fung. I like that the skin is not too thick and they are super generous with the yam filling, which is so yummy! Or should I say, YAMMY 😋💖🦄#yammy #yam #taro #dintaifung #dumplings #dessert #xiaolongbao

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This was so delicious! The flavour of the yam wasn’t too overpowering and the sweetness

was just nice. I usually don’t like yam but I was pleasantly surprised by this dish! It also helps that when you tear the bun apart, it reveals a beautiful purple filling. I would 100% recommend this!


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This is the first time I tried a vegan dumplings other than the usual meat

dumplings. This yam dumplings surprise me as it tastes really good. Highly recommended ♥️♥️

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This mildly sweet Yam Bun can be enjoyed as a side or something to end

your meal at Din Tai Fung. I sometimes just buy a single bun while I am shopping and enjoy it as a snack.

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I think this is now my favourite dish from DTF. The yam paste was so

fragrant and tasty and the dumpling skin was so thin, chewy and soft. 10/10 would recommend!

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Kind of like a bao but with yam filling. I think I prefer the dumpling

edition of this. The yam filling is probably the same but somehow wasn't as tasty when paired with the bao dough and tasted a little bland 🤔🤔🤔

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