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more din tai fung!! so these dumplings have the same filling as the bao, i

kinda wish they would be a lil more creative with their vegan fillings because i think their wontons also have the same filling, but it’s yummy so i can’t complain too much!
the wrapper of these dumplings is a nice thin slightly chewy wrapper, but the reason why i gave the taste a three star is because it has a little bit of a seaweed taste to it that makes me feel very slightly sick if i have a few too many? i honestly think this is just a personal problem haha, but this never happens to me except with these, so i dunno. anyway, they still taste pretty nice and are made so professionally. i can only dream to be able to make dumplings like these!

Shiitake veg dumplings. Decent. Soy sauce vinegar dip. Vegan labels on menu which is nice

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