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Vegan Wonton Soup

by Din Tai Fung SouthCenter
3.20 (1)

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Din Tai Fung SouthCenter
Din Tai Fung SouthCenter9 dishes · 10 reviews

181 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188, USA

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Most helpful reviews

i need to first of all apologize for the steam that made the photo so

blurry jaja.
anyway, the taste was pretty average. i believe it’s all the same filling that was in the dumplings and bao, so a nice veggie mix n tofu.
it’s pretty accurate to what wonton soup tastes like though...i just didn’t like it that much? i’m not sure, maybe i need to try it again or something.
the soup could be a tiny bit more flavorful, but overall it’s not bad. it’s very simple and has that comforting feel to it. i don’t really recommend this dish unless you reallyyy want some wontons n soup. it’s just overpriced and isn’t anything all that special in my opinion.
sorry i can’t think of much to say about it jaja. maybe i should try the wontons in their spicy sauce next time?
btw i think the din tai fung haul is finally over!! :))

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