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This places makes waves on my socials/Google Maps every once in a while but I’ve

been procrastinating checking them out in spite of how near they are 😅 Me being completely hungover this morning though was the perfect excuse for me to order from them 🤪 This has to be the best vegan sang mee I’ve tried so far! The broth was thick and packed with a whole variety of mushrooms 🍄 and #fakemeat bits, safe for even mentioning the vegetable content 🍜 I’ll definitely get this again, perhaps even pester the #significantomnivore to give it a shot cause she’s super into sang mee 😋 #veganuary

after the horrifying crispy noodles last night at (insert restaurant we frequently go to) I

really was dying to order this. we had a crazily stuffing meal here, the taste is not as salty as expected since they probably don't use alliums but it was okay, even though this dish doesn't say much, I really like this restaurant, they are quite complete, they have asian food , western food even tidbits like bak zhang (dumplings) curry puffs and pau. Totally recommend for your usual affordable meals here.

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