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Kebab Pita

by Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar


4.00 (5)

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9 June 2022
i didn't like the meat replacement they used all too much and the sauce

wasn't my thing either as it's minty. wouldn't get again especially since this dish is pretty expensive as well

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21 July 2022
Molto buono.

Erano 6 piccole pite che potevi riempire con una salsa yogurt e del kebab vegano. Approvato

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9 June 2022
I loved the tiny pita look, but also this tasted not all too good.

Needed a little more flavour

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13 October 2022
I really like this diner experience, the people are always nice and the food is

a feel good kind of food, sort of not the healthy food for vegans but yet tasty and satisfying 😋

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23 August 2022
Molto buono anche se avrei messo meno piccante!

Nel complesso un piatto molto apprezzato

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