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A friend recently treated me to lunch at the Limbourg Hotel, which is not only

one of the few restaurants in Sittard open on a Monday but also boasts a separate vegan menu! (I’ve added a screenshot of it, if you scroll to the fourth pic)

I initially ordered the beetroot salad but the chef was unfortunately missing most of the ingredients. So I opted for the #burger, instead, and it was a great choice!

For those who may be confused by the name “Dutch weed burger” let me start by saying: no - not THAT kind of weed 😂 it’s actually a company who makes burger patties (possibly other things, too?) using #seaweed 🤯 I absolutely LOVE their ethos of “our food is grown, not born” (I love it so much I think it might become my go-to response when I’m asked what it means to be vegan… it means my food never had a face, a mother, or a birthday 💚).

Back to the meal itself: as you can see, the portion size was very generous. I actually couldn’t get through all the chips, and I am a big eater! Since the Dutch tend to love eating mayo with their chips (rather than ketchup) they even served the burger with a little tube of vegan mayo alongside it. Perhaps not the most environmentally-friendly thing to do, but a nice touch nonetheless.

The burger was juicy, flavourful, and very filling. I would absolutely order this again next time 🤤

We hardly ever eat out these days as it’s pretty expensive here (versus what we were used to in South Africa) but I’m so happy to know that we have this lovely restaurant on our doorstep with clearly-marked vegan options 🥳 friendly service and a great outdoor area, too… for the summertime, at least ☀️

#burgerlover #veganburger #sittard

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