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All you can eat buffet

by DaTerra Baixa


4.60 (3)

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8 January 2023
Really nice vegan buffet.

Good quality and a nice variety. I went twice. They even have vegan pastel de nata which i got very excited about :)

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14 April 2023
A plate full of vegan goodness, courtesy of DaTerra.

Walking into an all you can eat buffet and knowing you can eat whatever you please (and how much you please!) without worrying about ingredients is something I wish we could have more of! Featured on this plate: hummus with toasted bread, sweet potato and spinach tortilla rolls, fluffy olive focaccia, fusilli pasta, a flaky spinach pastry, raw red bell pepper (my favourite non-green vegetable) w/ homemade vegan mayo and tofu and mushroom stroganoff (definitely on the top 5 of DaTerra's tastiest dishes of all time) with perfectly cooked brown rice! Needless to say I had more than one...

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14 January 2023
Buffet all you can eat a 12.50 a pranzo (nei weekend)

Non abbiamo assaggiato i piatti caldi purtroppo, ma c’erano delle cose davvero molto buone! Torta salata, focacce, crocchette, salse ecc

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27 November 2022
They guys are amazing.

Everything they cook is vegan and scrumptious. There’s a buffet with hot food and there’s a dessert buffet to die for!! Food is beautifully prepared and...

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