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Porridge With OmniPork

by Daily Green 吉祥素


4.34 (7)

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24 May 2021
Wowww I’m so happy I went to try this!

It is so flavourful and comforting! Super affordable as well!! Definitely will support them soon...

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2 November 2021
Not bad, could do with more veggies for colour diversity.

The OmniPork adds a nice crunch and you tiao is always a plus. As simple porridges go its nice comfort food! #veganisnotscary

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4 August 2020
This is the best vegan porridge I’ve had.

And inexpensive too.

This version had additional OmniPork bits. You can choose to have the option without it...

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4 November 2020
Ultimate comfort food on a rainy day.

One of the best vegan porridge I've tried! Love the crispy bits that add a new dimension to this simple bowl. And it's $3 only!

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25 August 2020
I'm impressed with the taste and texture of the porridge!

It's flavourful and the ingredients (marinated omnipork, you tiao and mock fried bits) blended well with the porridge. Comfort food at its best!

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2 March 2020
Belly belly delicious.

Love that they are generous with the crispy fried thingy. Very satisfying. 😋

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20 February 2021
Its a pretty average bowl of porridge, but the omnipork did do a good job

at being a meat replacement by giving the bowl added texture dimensions!