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Mee Siam

by Daily Green 吉祥素


4.40 (4)

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28 April 2021
Very flavourful!

I like that it has layers to the flavour, fragrant, citrus, refreshing, hot with a bit of the peanut bits! My first time trying mee siam, can’t compare to usual n non-vegan mee siam. PS: I took the photo halfway into it, the portion is to the brim of the bowl!

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28 August 2021
It was really good and filling!

I loved the crunchy bits and abundance of tofu. The texture of the tofu was yummy too :) Sauce was great! Definitely worth the price!

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28 September 2020
This is, the best mee Siam I've had.

Vegan or non-vegan.

Thick, peanutty, not stingy with the tau pok, lots of vege too.

Their signature porridge is good too but the mee Siam tops...

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16 December 2020
Very tasty Mee siam - tangy and sweet.

It's great that Daily Green has mastered the local hawker delights for our enjoyment!


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