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We both love the handmade Dumplings!! Me especially fried food 😅Loaded

with mushrooms and green vegetables. Super yummy 😋

Mandu was exceptional in my opinion. Unlike conventional dumplings filled with meat or too much

vegetables only, the mandu were stuff with mushrooms and vegetables. Satisfying!

Tasty fried dumplings stuffed with a glorious medley of veggies and shrooms! #veganuary

These were so good! The dumplings are fat and has a lot of fillings. It

comes in 6 but my friend ate one before I could take a pic first 😆

This was yet another winner from Daehwa! This is a 5/5 dish for sure!

The vegetable filling was really yummy and the Mandu itself was fried perfectly! The sauce was a bit funky for my liking but I enjoyed the dish without the dipping sauce just fine. Definitely get this when you visit Daehwa!

Totally loved this fried dumpling.
I have started to like korean food!!
The filling had cabbage n

few other ingredients.
Hot n tasty.

Handmade dumplings full of vegetables and mushrooms. They were a lil oily and bland on

their own but tastes good when dipped in the sauce it came with.

Another favourite of mine! It’s all veggies and mushrooms inside and comes with a vinegar

sauce! Very delicious side dish! 🌏🌳🌱

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