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Most helpful reviews

This was so so good!!! The sauce is so delicious I could have it everyday!

The mushroom is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, it so delicious together with the sauce! I think I obsessed. 10/10 dish that I would highly recommend. #veganuary

PS: Everything in Daehwa is so good I’m running out of ways to convey how good it is 😂

These sweet & sour deep-fried mushrooms ($14 nett) were super crunchy & deliciously sweet &

tangy y’all 😋 Came with lots of sweetened pineapple (the tasty canned type) & capsicum! #korean #mushroooms #fried

The mushrooms were fried to crispy perfection, tht's really important.
Cooked together with carrots n

capsicums n sprouts on top.
The sauce, although tasty, was waaaayyyy too sweet for my liking.

I like the main dishes at this eatery. So far the side dishes ive tried had been horribly sweet, except for the kimchi pancake.


Korean sweet and sour fried mushrooms (the traditional dish uses deep-fried pork). Loved that the

batter on the mushrooms was light and crispy. The sauce was also tasty. Recommend this for anyone who likes strong flavours!


Sweet and sour crunchy lil bites of deep fried mushrooms 🍄✨ 2 thumbs up for

this meat-free version of a staple on every Asian menu👍🏼👍🏼 #veganuary

Still my fav dish at daewha 😍 the mushrooms are so crispy (how?!) And the

sauce is addictive. Will order this everytime! #abillionlove

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