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Soondubu Jjigae

by Daehwa Vegetarian


4.49 (17)

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3 January 2021
Spicy and flavourful stew with lots of silky tofu, mushrooms and fermented kimchi.

This usually comes with purple rice but I requested for mine with ramyeon. Straight up Korean soul food and perfect for sweater weather! #veganuary

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1 April 2021
Fantastic Korean vegetarian restaurant at Fusionopolis!

Soondubu Jjigae is a stew with tofu, kimchi and mushrooms. Serves with rice on the side. Comes piping...

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13 April 2022
Comforting tofu stew.

Love how silky the tofu is. Lots of mushrooms and vegetables. Right amount of...

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17 July 2022
Found my next new favourite vegetarian/vegan place at one north!

Made a new vegetarian friend who introduced me to this place! This stew is both flavourful and packed full of ingredients and quite affordable! I love every bit of it tbh ❤️

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12 November 2021
Spicy tofu stew filled with kimchi, silken tofu and assorted vegs.

Served with purple rice which was great in taste and texture. A very satisfying meal! $15

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12 May 2021
The soup was rich, spicy and tasted a little seafood-like.

Enjoyed this authentic-tasting soondubu jjigae 😋


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8 July 2020
I love how generous they were with the tofu, and the banchan is apparently free

flow, making the meal really hearty and filling, especially on a cold rainy day.

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1 May 2021
Amazing vegan Korean noodle soup.

It’s a little spicy if that’s your thang.

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25 December 2020
This is my first time trying authentic Korean food and I was so happy that

the restuarant was completely vegetarian! The soup was soo good and the taste was very new to me!! And it went so well with the rainy weather yesterday :') oh and do remember to ask the staff not to add...

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4 August 2022
Great stew with rice, the spices had a strong flavor as good if not better

than the non vegan options.

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