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Comforting bowl on a rainy day! Loaded with mushrooms, tofu, seaweed and vegetables. Kimchi was

good. Served with a bowl of multi grain rice on the side.

Price: $13

Not a great picture but this was a yummy, comforting hot bowl of soup -

perfect for the cold weather Singapore has been having these days! Quite filling portion as well since it comes with rice (still in food coma lol)

good portion of kimchi, mushrooms, seaweed

spice level was just right for me, altho my

spice tolerance isnt v high i found myself almost finishing all the broth hehe

What a lovely, comforting bowl of soup! Mildly spicy from the kimchi, it had a

wealth of vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, tofu and seaweed. Brilliant on its own or with rice on the side.

This was my first time having this dish in a long while, and I enjoyed

it a lot. I remember not really liking the rice when I previously tried it, but for some reason it was really good when I tried it this time. As always, I enjoyed that the stew was chock full of ingredients, and I do like kimchi.

As i learn It is staple food in Korean households.kimchi stew sort.
It is usually cooked

and served boiling hot in a stone pot.
Here too it was served in stone pot.
Absoultely delicious.
Spicy tangy flavorful.

Mouth-watering good.
Totally worth the price and they have so many veganand vegetarian options. What's

best, it is also available on foodpanda

The portion was huge! However there was nothing very special about the stew - there

was no mock meat or strong flavour.

Especially loved the soft tofu and the rich spicy broth. A super comforting dish for

a rainy night!

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