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Most helpful reviews

Really nice and savoury vegetable pancake, great side for the rest of the food! I

would want there to be more soy sauce though :)

Potato pancake that was thin and good. Prefer the kimchi pancake! But this is great

as well

These deep-fried pancakes were sooo crispy and sooo good, with a soft, almost/gooey inside that

made for a killer contrast :’) These tasted even better when dipped into the sweet & savoury sauce!! :’) Lovee how the sauce wasn’t overly sweet or salty, and how the pancakes were already cut up nicely into small pieces for us :3

Really liked this dish, taste & texture was nice and its neither too chewy or

Even though its a side dish portion is large and nice to share between 3-4 people with other mains. $11

Crispy vegetable pancakes with a mild dipping sauce. Personally found it indulgent because it’s basically

deep fried fritters. Worth it for the 💰!!

My friend like this Vege pancake dish , it’s thin pancake , nice to dip

in the sauce provided.

These vegetable pancakes were good. Crispy on the outside. Great for sharing. Served with a

dipping sauce.

Will come back and eat this when I’m not suffering from heartburn due to the

kimchi & rabokki

Crispy outer, soft core. Comes with a sweet, sour and salty soy sauce. Absolutely love

it. Must try!

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