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  • 비빔밥 Bibimbap

비빔밥 Bibimbap

by Daehwa Vegetarian


4.43 (15)

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7 March 2021
What I loved most about this dish was the charred rice at the bottom.

The crunchy bits alongwith a medley of the veggies made it very special.

#bibimbap and loving...

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8 March 2021
Im starting to love Korean food.

Saw great reviews of Daehwa on @abillion and had to try out.

The Gochujang (sauce) of chilli n pepper was nice and...

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28 April 2022
This was delicious!

Fresh vegetables, tofu and mushroom on mixed grain rice. Great when it’s mixed together with the gochujang sauce. Love the burnt rice on the edges of the hot stone bowl.

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4 June 2022
Most favourite dish at this restaurant.

Filled with veggies and purple rice. The spicy sauce was given separately.

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19 April 2021
Nothing can go wrong with this dish.

Fresh vegetables, hot sauce, fragrant rice.

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20 August 2021
I’ve been watching some k-drama’s lately and was instantly craving Korean food.

Luckily I have Daehwa next to my workplace. This bibimpap tasted amazing, feel free to customise it by asking them to add more veggies etc. Its on the pricey side, but hey we all need that occasional splurge right 😄

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11 January 2019
Colourful and full of fresh vegetables, it was packed with nutrition.

The sauce was nice too. Nothing fancy here; just a solid all-in-one dish.

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6 February 2022
Honestly I like stews more because they are warm and hearty, but this was decent

too. It was packed full to the brim with different vegetables, but came with a huge dollop of gochujang, so it was a nice balance between health and taste. The carrots were soft rather than hard and crunchy, which I actually liked, especially since they didn't have the raw carrot taste, although some might prefer the...

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31 January 2023
Love when the rice at the base of the hot stone bowl becomes crispy 🤭

needs more sauce imo, so just ask the friendly staff there and they’ll help you w that!

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25 October 2020
Very worth it for the price!

They are super generous with the ingredients and they pair very well with the purple rice :)

And may I add that this place provides three different types of banchan (the sweet potato one was so good! We asked the server for it thrice)

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