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ramyeon+tteokbokki+fried rice cakes! love the seaweed and the sauce was just a lil too sweet😯

Luv luv luv rabokki! The texture of the ramen 🥰🥰🥰 must try!

This dish in particular is so deceiving. The noodles float in this red liquid that's

sweet 🤣 not spicy. Other than that, it's yummy.
It's already vegan. This is the best korean vegan places in Singapore. A must try. Most items are vegan. Rest of them can be veganized, except the desserts.

I have not noticed this dish in other korean places I’ve been to. I loved

it. Normally rice cakes are pretty average to me but these ones I quite liked.

A little spicy, but not overly. I enjoyed it with the noodles too. Felt like a good dish to share so you could get a bit of everything!

#noodles #spicy

I loved that they had both soft, chewy rice cakes as well as crispy rice

cakes in this dish! The soup was good and tasted perfectly Korean. It’s a very simple dish but well made! It’s a lot bigger than it looks like on the menu and would amount to a whole meal if you’re a light eater! Would get this again!


Tried another side dish instead of our usual kimchi pancake! This was really enjoyable, the

small rice cake slices were pan-fried which gave it a better texture. Sauce had just the right amount of sweetness! Would order this as my main dish next time haha #veganisnotscary

It's sweeter than I expected. No spiciness at all, sadly. I do love the different

textures, with chewy fried(?) flat rice cakes, fish cakes, noodles, and the long tteokbukkis #veganin2020

Am a ramen person so definitely like the noodles here tossed in sweet spicy Korean

sauce topped with seaweed. Ditto the soft chewy rice cakes. Enjoyed this a lot, definitely would order again.

Yummy chewy rice cakes with “fish”cakes ! Didn’t know it came with instant noodles 😶

This huge $10 dish came with chewy sweet & spicy rice cakes, deep-fried rice cake

slices, ‘fish cakes’, ramyeon & lettuce. These rice cakes were extraordinarily chewy, though I usually can’t appreciate spicy food xP

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