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If you make your own dish here you can choose the pieces that are vegan.

protein - falafel with caramelised onion
1 grain - quinoa
2 veggies - peas and leeks, beetroot and cabbage
1 dollop - vegan chickpea hummus
OMG the falafel and hummus are both amazing. I also love the peas and leeks as both of these are not something you often find on offer. Very filling, healthy and vegan! 😁 😋

What an awesome find at MBS I found using this app! $13.90 for design your

own salad. So many healthy ingredients it was hard to decide! They state the ingredients of each dish so you know which are vegan. The salad was bursting with flavor and nutrients. Couscous was so flavorful with the turmeric. Kale and beetroot salad came with berries! Falafel with caramelized onions was bomb! Grilled zucchini was so pretty as it was curled, though it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste. For some reason though my stomach feels a bit overwhelmed, seemed a bit too rich, could be the falafel and spices. Otherwise it’ll be 5 stars.

It is great that they offer vegan alternatives to the set. We get to choose

what we want and I have chosen some very tasty and healthy items as pictured here. It is good as a standalone meal, will definitely come back here again. #crf

loved this concept: you pick the sides and the amount of each, and you'll be

charged by weight for each dish. there were many yummy and interesting vegan friendly options! the only drawback is the price - this plate came up to $16 🤯 wanted to add quinoa/rice but decided not to after seeing the price HAHAHH

on my plate: falafel, roasted pumpkin, roasted zucchini and some sort of beet salad

built my own salad - hummus, zucchini, couscous, mushrooms 😉 they have quite a few

veggie options but this small portion added up to $15 so it was really not that worth

BEST F&B purchase at MBS!! The serving size is well worth the price, a lot

more appropriate compared to other DIY bowl services I have encountered. The seasonings are really tasteful and appetising; the combination of falafel + cous cous + pumpkin really fills you up (After having this for lunch I was full for the rest of the day!) and gives you no less protein than meat. Overall, a vegan treasure!!

Didn’t know Marina Bay has special set orders for those veggies and salad! Absolutely enjoyed

it with the variety of grains, veggies, sauce etc all for $13.90 only. Other branches like Bukit Timah doesn’t have this deal.

Made my own vegan bowl with falafel as the main protein. Falafel was rly gd

and flavourful and I love the turnip+brussel salad a lot!! The rest of the ingredients were q bland tho

This is a nice and nourishing option. The falafel was a bit dry i thought

however very tasty and filling and VEGAN!

Really enjoyed everything that I got here, it’s just on the pricy side of things.

Paying for the quality, I guess!

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