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by D' life


4.04 (11)

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14 March 2020
This is my new fav place around novena.

It’s reasonably priced and their dishes tastes so homely. Love that there’s lots of veggies!

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20 August 2021
🥘🥬 It's been so long since I had hor fun!

It was my childhood favourite, but I stopped eating it for no apparent reason. Now a vegan revisit, I still enjoy slurping up the noodles and the gravy. I like how this one has a good serving of vegetables...

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8 February 2022
generous serving of noodles and the wok hey flavour was really nice!

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26 December 2019
Comes with konnyaku slices & tau pok.

Has a bit of wok hei & the savoury sauce is not bad! :)

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22 December 2020
Very decent and hearty plate of hor fun.

Tastes really nice and comforting, with plenty of vegetables and tau pok and fake prawns. Not enough wok hei though! #veganin2020

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14 May 2023
Good wok hei.

Portion was just right. Loads of bok choy and veggies. Some mock prawns and black fungus.

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29 March 2022
Big bowl of HorFun, can be filling for 2 if small eater

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6 March 2020
my friend and i q liked this as it has quite a bit of veggie

and the savoury sauce was q nice too :-)

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10 October 2021
Generous portion of noodles and vegetables.

Savoury and comforting.

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21 February 2021
Hor fun is flavourful with wok hei.

Portion is big and satisfying. Good amount of vegetables too.

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