Chicken Rice

  • Is Chicken Rice vegan? Yes! Chicken Rice is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Highly recommended for chicken rice addicts! Each component couldn't have been done better! The rice

is fragrant and fluffy, the "chicken" is delightfully roasted and slathered generously with sauce, and the chili sauce is perfectly piquant and tangy! 🤤 Thank you D'Life for veganizing the dish! You have done the Hainanese community proud! 👍🏻👍🏻 I'm no @kuey.png but I'll gladly eat this every single day!

Chicken rice that taste so close to the real one. Their soup, rice and sauce

complements it well. Perfect!

The “chicken” definitely tastes very chicken-like. Love that it includes bok choy, would hope for

more sauce on the rice though.

It was nice but too small serving. Order only if you aren’t that hungry!

This attempt at vegan chicken rice by D’Life was great! They are very generous with

the veggies (pak choy) and the vegan chicken!
The vegan chicken was seitan-based (if I’m not wrong), which was awesome because it absorbed the flavors like ginger, black soy sauce and sesame oil really well.
However, the rice was not as sesame-ish as one would hope. It was still tasty, nonetheless.
I have had better renditions of vegan chicken rice in Singapore but I would recommend to try this at least once before dismissing it.

This has to be one of the best vegan chicken rice out there (I still

prefer steam over fried, but this is up there). The portion is really generous as well. #veganisnotscary

Yummy vegetarian chicken rice. The rice is delicious and was happy to see the veg

provided. Mock chicken is largely soy, not much meat texture which I would have preferred, but for the price it’s overall good!

This was ON POINT 🤤 Loved the succulent ‘chicken’ meat with crispy skin, just wished

there was 50% more meat to balance out the meat to rice ratio. Rice was super tasty too!

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