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Chicken Rice

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4.28 (29)

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21 February 2021
Was disappointed to find out that the rice was just plain rice.

Isn't it supposed to be seasoned? The vegetables was also pretty bland. The "chicken" has a decent texture and...

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4 March 2021
Vegetable broth stole the show.

Decently priced and tasty one dish meal at $4.50 💪

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12 May 2019
This is $5.90, which is Super worth it since its a restaurant setting plus it’s

in Novena. And holy shit does this taste SO MUCH like actual chicken. I was legit scared to eat it LMAO but I only ate half before giving to my omni...

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1 April 2021
I don't often like mock chicken rice made with gluten, but this one was

pretty great because of the texture! It was crisp on the outside so it didn't suffer from the usual weird/too soft texture. Tasted great and was affordable too

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23 July 2021
First time trying the chicken rice at d’life (I usually go for the zi

char dishes) and I loved it!! I think the “chicken” was made using vital wheat gluten instead of beancurd skin, which lends the dish a wee bit more legitimacy. Loved the rice and chili too!!

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28 July 2021
Roasted beancurd skin was marinated in a sweeter side.

Dish that will not be yearn for, but good to know I can have this option here.

For take-away dish, it does not come with the soup.

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8 June 2022
It was nice but too small serving.

Order only if you aren’t that hungry!

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13 July 2021
The “chicken” definitely tastes very chicken-like.

Love that it includes bok choy, would hope for more sauce on the rice though.

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27 September 2022
Yummy vegetarian chicken rice.

The rice is delicious and was happy to see the veg provided. Mock chicken is largely soy, not much meat texture which I would have preferred, but for the price it’s overall good!

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