Asam Laksa

  • Is Asam Laksa vegan? Yes! Asam Laksa is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.35 (19)

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Most helpful reviews

This is a great take on the conventional fish based Assam laksa. I've been craving

it ever since becoming whole food plant based. It is tangy and spicy. Huge portion at only $5.50. It has 2 slices of soy based mock fish fillet, small portion of sliced cucumber and pineapple. Would prefer bigger servings of cucumber and pineapple. Overall, a delicious meal value for money.

The spice level on this dish is pretty high- makes it a hot favourite

for spicy food lovers. The heat opens up the taste buds to the tanginess of the tamarind. Comes with dried mango strips, soy fish, and mint leaves. It’s a massive meal as well, so please come on an empty stomach! Nommmmm

Asam laksa was on the top left. Redang on the top right and sweet and

sour with brown rice at the bottom. Definitely the awesome vegen-vegetarian food. Recommended 👍

Added more chilli so I could get a good fire in my belly going for

the rest of the day. Pales in comparison to its Novena counterpart. But still good! 🔥🔥🔥

This assam laksa was worth the price. The broth was very sour, spicy and a

little sweet, quite flavourful. Strong prawn paste smell at first it put me off. Loads of shredded cucumbers and green papaya(i think so) and basil as garnish. Also had loads of mock fish and tofu in it.

Assam laksa is amongst my favourite dishes, so it is a must order for me

at outlets which have it. While I’m picky about assam laksa, I have to acknowledge it is a challenging dish to make, with the spices and finely chopped ingredients required. I will have preferred if there are more ingredients, and less pineapples (not a fan of pineapples). Will also be better if mint leaves can be added. Nonetheless the gravy is delicious, and the tofu is a nice addition. (At $7)

Not too spicy despite the 3-chillies symbol on the menu. First time seeing this in

vegan version and verdict was it was pretty authentic and tasty, Ingredients included shredded mango, shredded vegetables, tofu and mock fish.

I love Assam laksa but this was watery :( erm and the cutlery smelled fishy

and off I eventually decided to use disposable after attempting to take other pairs of chopsticks. Do remember to ask which are vegan because we wanted to get a curry to share but it has milk 😅

Rich and tangy, this dish had a generous mix of noodles, vegetables and mock fish.

The soup was the key highlight, with a sour spicy broth that tickled the tongue without being overbearing. The texture of the fish was just right; firm and not too soft.

Delicious! The non-vegan version normally uses fish and prawns to make the soup base. I'm

pleasantly surprised that this vegan version is as flavourful with just the right amount of sour and spiciness.

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