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  • Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara

by Crossroads Kitchen


4.84 (5)

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20 November 2021

Very tasty carbonara with vegan egg!! I have never tried the "real" carbonara but this dish was excellent. Nice...

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9 March 2022
Of the variety of dishes we tried at our first visit to Crossroads Kitchen, the

spaghetti carbonara was my favorite. Spaghetti noodles were piping hot and not too soft ir hard. Creamy sauce put the Italian in...

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19 March 2019
I was confused by this vegan dish at first glance because I thought there was

an egg yolk in the middle of it. I later found out that it was a tomato!!

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18 April 2021
This was so creamy and delicious and honestly 10/10.

Big reason I got this was because I wanted to try the egg lol. It’s definitely very tart but mixed in beautiful with the rich sauce. Yummy!

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14 February 2023
Still don’t know how they made this fabulous dish and the “egg yolk” fantastic.

Still dreaming about this

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