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Al Pastor Taco

by Club Mexicana


4.56 (5)

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30 June 2022
A really lovely taco with great imitation mock-meats.

Fun fact: Al-pastor is a fusion dish that developed from cultural interactions with #lebanese immigrants and local #mexican populations. My friends love the sweetness of the #pineapple ! 🌮

#tacos #londoneats #fusion

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9 August 2022
This has adobo marinated shawarma, red onion, salsa verde and charred pineapple.

Not bad but also not the biggest fan of pineapple but would be no problem for those that do like it.

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29 April 2022
Very tasty!

Really enjoyed this. The shamwara was quite juicy 😂 which made it messy. But tasted good.

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16 June 2021
Chilli infused shawarma, charred pineapple, salsa verde with red onions 🤠 I’m a big

fan of pineapple in food so this one really hit the mark. The shawarma had such a nice meaty texture

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