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  • Mango Panna Cotta

Mango Panna Cotta

by Casserole


4.60 (2)

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5 March 2023
Very enticing and creative dish. A decadent and refreshing #dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth

😋. Slightly pricey but worth it for a fancy dish and fabulous plating. Many different elements, so you get something different with each bite! ☺️ #veganfood #vegandessert #vegan #comfortfood

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Honestly, one of the best desserts I’ve had in SG. The mango sorbet, the mango

jelly thingy, the touch of gula malaka. Absolutely yum.

They have a promo going: post their food on your public ig account whilst dining and they’ll take 25% off your bill!

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