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4.53 (6)

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1 May 2021
I always forget to take a picture before I start to eat - this was almost

finished when I remembered. This vegan moussaka has lentils, creamy mashed potatoes and of course aubergines (eggplant). Really good but it could just have little less dried oregano.

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2 May 2022
Gostei do prato , achei um pouco sem gosto, senti falta de um sal .

Não gostei muito do q usaram para gratinar , não sei se são castanhas picadas ou queijo vegano, não é um prato q pedirei mais … porque lá tem outros q eu gosto mais .

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27 January 2022
This was not my favourite dish.

I didn't like the crumble on top at all - it was sweet, and didn't go with the dish at all. It was like eating apple pie with an unsweetened aubergine filling 🤔 also... Would have been way tastier if properly heated. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not (given that the name of the restaurant is casa RAW), but all the food was luke warm, and I did not appreciate that 🙄😅 Apart from that, lovely place with a great atmosphere.

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13 January 2022
Maravilhoso, textura perfeita, vale muito a pena.

Lembrei da minha avó grega fazendo esse prato para a família

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18 July 2021
Além da Casa Raw ser um espaço sensacional, a comida é maravilhosa!


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15 July 2021
Outro delicioso restaurante vegano em São Paulo.

Moussaka e nhoque de abobora divinos!!! 😋😋

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