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Large #burrito, definitely a filling meal! I love how it's warmed up to seal the

tortilla--that makes it so much easier to eat. The flavors were good and I liked how the freshness of the tomatoes and salsa complimented the savory cheese and protein. My only complaint is the veggie protein was a little salty, otherwise it was excellent!
Contains veggie protein that looks like ground beef, vegan #cheese (upcharge ~75cents), tomato, cilantro, vegan #sourcream, red leaf lettuce, jalapeños, and #salsaverde.

Also, on #ubereats they often have #bogo deals for various menu items. The menu items differ every day/week, but it's a great way to get extra food for free! Like I got 2 of these large burritos for around $15 (I did pickup to save more money).

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