Vegan Breakfast Burrito

5.00 (1)

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Most helpful reviews

Not an entirely vegan restaurant, but they do have a decent amount of Vegan options

and I would say their entire menu is more wholesome than just about any restaurant or cafe I’ve been to, vegan or not. Run by a cute couple, Greg makes coffee and runs the storefront and his wife cooks everything! Incredibly healthy and wholesome food, often with a neat twist or personal touch that I always love (capers, artichoke, more unorthodox ingredients for the price range in my opinion). They even have their own hydroponic station/garden where they grow lettuce and greens (not sure if it’s used but still! I’m assuming they use it for something!) Coffee is great and has non-dairy options to add - Greg will ask if whole milk is fine, so just say no or ask what milk they have. The menu will mark vegetarian and vegan options with “Veg” and “V” #veganisnotscary

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