• Is Vegan Royale vegan? Yes! Vegan Royale is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.19 (14)

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Most helpful reviews

With food like this, it’s a wonder why the world still bothers with animal products!

To me, there’s honestly no difference in taste and mouthfeel with the actual chicken sandwich, from what I can remember. Prices also comparable to other items menu. The plant based whopper (without the mayo) is also great

I am not a fast food person but i am excited about having the option

and was pleasantly suprised by the taste! It was also the first time I had burgerking EVER😁

As a fairly new member of this lifestyle, I must say that I still crave

certain things, and this really does the trick. I like the taste, and it's perfect for those longs days when only junk food will do.
I won't have this too often, but so happy it's there as an easy go to.

Loved it! Amazing junk food and have gone back for more. You'll love it if

you're a fan of vegan chicken alternatives and vegan burgers. It's a standard sandwich (chicken mayo salad bun) which is done really well

So impressed with this delicious sarmie from Burger King. We were the first to get

it from the Heerengracht street branch, did a little tatse test for the burger King clients, available from Wednesday. So reasonably priced tooo and a total fast food treat, 🤤 yum

Definitely a step in the right direction! A basic but classic chicken burger. Lettuce, mayo

and a chicken patty on a bun. Simple but I like it! Good price too.

Although this is real fast food, very similar to McDonald's to me - I really

enjoyed this one. The bun was really fresh, the Mayo was super creamy and the patty held together well. Can see this becoming a guilty pleasure!!

Surprisingly good! It’s obviously no gourmet meal but it was strangely satisfying - the roll

was fresh, the patty tasted good and the chips were lightly salted, crunchy on the outside & soft on the inside… and the price was great.

These are so good we had them two days in a row! So glad we

have some amazing fast food options

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