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Super love!

Now they just need some dipping options

The bbq is not good

Definitely would get again and again. I love vegan chicken alternatives and this one is

really really good. So happy burger King finally has more options after only having chips/soda or ice cream if you have animal dairy. These are great value for money too! And I've heard others talk/type about loving these too. The spicy sauce and bbq sauce are perfect pairings.

Testted these too.. They were cripsy and super hot, they make to order. Found them

a little bland though, add a little BBQ sauce to the mix and they arent bad, I would pick the royal over these. Sadly the new plant based whopper isn't vegan, egg mayo and cooked on the same grill as the meat patties.. Otherwise well done BURGER King 🍔👑👍🏼

Finally tried the new plant based Burger King offerings. I must be honest, these tasted

quite similar to processed chicken - from what I remembered.. So I didn't really love eating them. But it's a generous portion and they are super crispy! Considering this one tried and off the food bucket list.

Tastes exactly like Mc Donalds chicken nuggets to me. The sauce it comes with is

very hot without it being flavourful (more burn than anything) I think a BBQ sauce would be better, but it wasn't terrible

This with the fiery sauce (not pictured) is so good! Love this as a little

snack. Nothing ground breaking but a convenient and satisfying option when out and about.

These were insane. Pretty much what i would remember fast food nuggets to taste like.

I will definitely be back for more

Tasty, crispy, and very well priced. But, the sauce options aren't too great. This BBQ

one is pretty interesting, but the fiery/spicy one is just not great.

The pure convenience of these nuggets is amazing. The fact that they tast just as

amazing is a bonus

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