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Plant Based Whopper

by Burger King South Africa


3.53 (6)

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4 October 2021
For fast food it is what you would expect!

Really glad that they have a plant based option and filled the hole.

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10 August 2022
Needed a super quick on the go meal so opted for the Plant Based Whopper

Jnr meal - juicy little burger - couldn’t really taste the patty but everything worked well together. I’ll have again

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11 October 2021
The first time having this burger i found it tasty and the size was good..

Would definitely order it again.

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11 October 2022
Thank you Burger King love your service and thank for the extra Halloween whopper plantbased👍

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23 October 2021
I did not enjoy the plant based whopper.

It was terrible in my opinion. Mayo is not vegan so ask for without. Also cooked on same grill as meat if you’re strict about...

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6 October 2021
It hits the target of being tasty and fast-food like.

I personally wouldn't buy it again unless I really felt like having junk food, but it definitely tasted like how I remember burger King to be.

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29 September 2021
Be sure to request vegan Mayo when ordering the whopper

I was invited with pro veg to taste the new menu items and therefore these were cooked separately to the meat items which usually is not the case. Hopefully in future they will be

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