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Beyond Meat Burger

by BuenaVida 100% Vegan


4.60 (4)

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19 February 2020
Burger was amazing, it tastes really great and comes with crispy oven baked potatoes or


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27 March 2022
Hamburguesa de beyong burger con papaa fritas.

Muy rica

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17 April 2022
Buen pan, buenos ingredientes y la Beyond, que ya la conocemos.

Muy buena burger.

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2 May 2021
This was my first time trying the beyond meat burger and I really enjoyed it

I was expecting it to be quite dry and heavy but it was a light texture and the way they cooked it had so much flavour along with the other fillings in the burger. The potato wedges were also delicious and it came with vegan mayo which is definitely one of the best I have had and they make it there!

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