Magic Mint Mushroom Chop

4.50 (2)

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I just knew I had to exchange some of my patty from for this

the moment they plated it and oh my gosh was it ever worth it 🤤 #reasonstokeepanomnivorearound perhaps? To be honest I was more keen over this meal than my burger, and vice versa for the #significantomnivore so we ended up exchanging quite a bit of food and enjoying both in the process 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 I didn’t get to taste much of the peppermint sauce, not that I minded cause mint usually sends me on sneezing fits; I’m allergic to feeling refreshed you see and that’s why I carry a sleep paralysis demon on my shoulder 👹 The batter was oh so bloody amazing in every sense minus the blood of course cause the restaurant, good on them, went fully vegan 🎉 The mushrooms cut super easily and didn’t come off stringy as you’d sometimes get with deep-fried mushrooms 🍄 The fries were pretty average, but that’s pretty much all there’s to complain about. For RM16, it’s not the most affordable meal but considering the chic of the area and the restaurant - it’s actually a pretty reasonable ask.

App keeps crashing for me 😔 so it took a while to review things... anyway,

ordered this because felt like something refreshing instead and figured mint sauce would do the trick. I have to say tho, this restaurant is typically known for their spicy food, check out their mala hotpot or spicy noodles if you are into it.

The order arrived and its tasty but not much to write about, they could have given a bit more mint sauce tho... as it stands that's my only complaint, would be nicer ratio to how much batter this dish has.

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