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  • beyond meat burger

beyond meat burger

by BrewDog Nice


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3 June 2023
cool themed place, the waiters and bartenders are so nice and speak fluent english. they

have a menù of artisanal beers, and a vegan section on the menù with various types of burgers and appetiserz. I choosed the beyond one, with vegan cheddar, salad, pickles (and other things that I don't remember XD), vegan mayo and vegan bun. So tasty, it was my first time trying vegan cheddar in a burger and I loved it! we also ordered a big portion of sweet potato fries, so delightful with mustard on it! I also ordered a dark beer with a little chocolate cake flavour, delicious °^°
we went on thursday during a sort of quiz-themed dinner, we didn't participate but enjoyed it anyway. I suggest to go on mondays because every week they have Vegan Monday with all vegan specialties! (⁠◠⁠ᴥ⁠◕⁠ʋ⁠)
price for the burger: 14,70€
beer: 8,70€

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