Impossible Wellington

  • Is Impossible Wellington vegan? Yes! Impossible Wellington is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.11 (18)

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First time having “beef Wellington” and glad I had it impossible style. While it definitely

was no steak, the impossible mince was really tasty and I’m so impressed by the meat-like color gradient #science and #technology LOL. The mushroom paste lining the puff pastry was so yummy I wish there was more of it and I like the roasted veggies on the side too. I WISH IT CAME WITH SAUCE THOUGH.

I cannot wait to come back here again! So it’s slightly pricy but we shared

between three people which then makes it super worth it - there is a side dish of grilled vegetables too - well seasoned. But let’s talk about how amazing this is - super juicy and the texture was just right!!

Dear Vegans & Supporters,
Finally tried their Wellington & really enjoyed it. My friends ordered the

actual beef Wellington & one of them actually preferred mine, said it was lighter, softer & overall tastier? 🤷🏿‍♀️ Would never know, nvr had beef but i lovvveeee Impossible & it’s magical ability to change prospectives. Also, the veggie sides was really good too! Especially the sweet potatoes! Tastiest sweet potatoes I’ve had - baked to perfection & sweetness that sends heavenly impressions! Always have problems finishing my meals but I finished the whole plate of goodness, GEM! 😇

Feedback: Their Beef Wellington was served with a dipping sauce that my friends really enjoyed. If only their Impossible came with some sort of dipping sauce too?! 🙊🙈🙏🏿

#crf #crfsg


I was excited to try out Impossible meat but to much disappointment. Impossible meat is

still considered a process plant based food so naturally it is not that nutrional (contains saturated fats from coconut oil). The Wellington's puff pastry is quite flaky. However I feel the entire dish is so 'half baked'. I am sure Bread Kitchen can do so much to jazz up the dish. Try adding some carrots, asparagus, caramalised onions, etc along with the Impossible meat before wrapping with the pastry dough. There were a few miserable pieces of vegetables as sides. Seriously. This dish ain't cheap ($39). I would rate it 2 stars and the flaky pastry earn an extra 1 star.

This really surpassed my expectations, the impossible meat is one thing but I had already

tried impossible before and so was expecting a really solid meat substitute. But what really blew me away was the buttery and flaky pastry and the mushroom filling which really brought the pastry together with the ‘meat’ into a cohesive dish. The broccolini and spiced glazed carrots were a great accompaniment too 😍 it is super pricey at $45 but it was shared among 3 of us for @soniamariakarnail ‘s birthday and makes for the perfect celebratory meal 🎉

The vegan version to the meat Wellington that they have on their menu. I really

enjoyed this one because it was very innovative! What made this dish was the roasted carrots and broccolini on the side! 😋 Taking a bite of those veggies with the main dish elevates it to another level 💕

I’ve never had the famous ‘beef Wellington’ that Gordon Ramsey is always screaming about on

Hell’s Kitchen so I was pretty excited that they had a plant-based version (which is also cheaper btw). Not a massive fan of impossible but liked the puff pastry and how the dish was put together. Really liked the staff cause they checked if I was vegan so that they didn’t give me the non-vegan mash

Compare to beef wellington and impossible wellington...i actually prefer impossible wellington more match with the

crispy skin and feel not so heavy but sad that impossible wellington dont have sauce with it...

This was decent but I probably wouldn’t come back again. I just wanted to try

the Impossible here! The only other vegan option for mains when I went for dinner was a tomato risotto

In the Vegan menu. I never had Beef Wellington, so can’t compare. It’s too much

‘meat’ for me. Comes with veggies

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