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Most helpful reviews

My dish was really good. It was juicy, bread was good. The patty looked too

real as it was reddish in the middle. Unbelievable that it’s vegan because it had a really meaty taste. I was a meat eater so I’m still transitioning into vegan lifestyle. My Friend who has been vegan for years, found it very bad because it was too meaty for him. Would recommend only if you’re looking for a meaty taste replacement.

Really tasty and juicy meatless burger with a great texture. Best I've had!

I was like 'are you serious?' when I saw the burger. It's so plain. There

is no sauce on the burger and the neighbourhood hawker western food stall aunties or uncles can do a much better job at garnishing the burgers. There is zero effort in preparing this dish. Just put on some lettuce, tomatoes, Impossible meat, burger buns and throw in some fries on the side and call it done. Not paying another $25 for this meal again.

Ngl was expecting more from this burger. I ordered it vegan, so without the Monterey

jack cheese, but was hoping for vegan cheese given how high-end this place is but they didn't have any vegan cheese :( The burger itself was really simple but was really big so as well worth the money. I didn't really enjoy the bun and chose not to eat it. Overall a pretty average burger unfortunately.

Saddest burger I’ve ever had! The gluten free bun was nice but the rest was

disappointing. Thin slices of gherkin which I couldn’t taste. Zero condiments! Asked for their vegan pesto sauce and ketchup to make it edible. Overpriced for what they served for sure! The fries were lousy too.

Since I have not had the real meat I can’t say how close is it

to the real thing. However, personally did not enjoy the burger. The burger buns were amazing though.

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