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Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Boon Burger Cafe


4.44 (5)

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10 February 2021
This chocolate chip cookie perfect.

It’s crispy and golden brown on the outside, chewy and chocolatey on the inside. Def don’t forget the cookies when you go to boon burger, ppl

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20 August 2020
Okay...this cookie was as big as my head!!!

It was insane! So sooo moist and a little crispy on the edges. It honestly was the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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22 August 2020
best vegan chocolate chip cookie i ever had.


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14 January 2021
This is something I always get at boon burger.

Super soft and legit one of the best choc chip cookies I’ve had. You can tell it’s baked fresh on the daily.

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21 February 2020
Boon cookies are the best.

That’s all I have to say expect go try them for yourself! They also have some gluten free choices.

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