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Animal Lovers Pizza

by Boon Burger Cafe


4.60 (4)

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30 November 2020
Def my favourite from all the pizzas I have tried from Boon Burger.

It was the sweetness from the buffalo sauce, and the chewiness of the pepperoni bits that did it for me. I didn’t really care for the crumbled patty. I also really like the addition of arugula on...

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26 November 2020
My sis @iyerniki and I had this delish of a pizza yday from Boon Burger.

I loved the arugula paired with the pepperoni bits, crumbled patty and buffalo sauce. Definite give this a try! Worth getting it on Wednesdays during the 2 for 1...

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14 January 2021
Another delicious pizza by Boon.

As with my last review of their other pizza, I wish the dough were a little better, but the flavour of this pizza was really nice :)

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13 April 2020
They have a lot of pizza options, really tasty.

Pizza crust was thin, but also not too thin. They aren’t heavy on the vegan cheese which makes it not as heavy to eat. The Animal Lovers Pizza has crumbled boon patty and vegan bacon, drizzled with bbq...

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