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Cinnamon Roll

by Boneshaker Doughnuts


3.40 (3)

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9 August 2022
Honestly I couldn't finish it.

It was soo bad, so heavy to digest and fluffy at all.

The other day, there was a different staff so the donuts were better and fluffier, today there was another crew and I saw two ladies I don't see usually.

Anyways I don't think I'll buy anything from this place unless I see the mister cuz I know when he's there the donuts are gonna be...

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19 March 2023
So disappointed about this cinnamon roll :( I had heard a lot about it and

I happen to be a huge cinnamon enthusiast so I was looking quite forward to try this one, but it turned out to be way too sweet (and this is coming from someone who usually eats a lot of sugar). I think the dough was good but the sweetness of the cinnamon paste paired with the icing made it all overly sweet. This is quite sad because the dough’s texture and cinnamon flagrance were...

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15 April 2022
Cinnamon rolls are one of my favourite sweets.

This was the first time that I was trying the vegan version and I wasn't disappointed at all! It totally satisfied my cinnamon obsession 🧡

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