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A hidden gem in fortune centre!
This place was such an amazing discovery for me and

my family. First of all, the food is impeccable. It is hearty, nutritious and wholesome. The attention for detail is also commendable. I was pleasantly surprised to discover bits of “bak you” (fried pork lard) in my bowl. The mock meat had such an incredible texture and flavour, I devoured them within minutes. Second, the price is unbelievably affordable, ranging from $3.50-$4.50. Third, the service is great.The boss and staff members are all so friendly and welcoming all the time, no matter how busy they get.
This place is a solid 11/10. Highly recommend.

after so long and it’s back! (So am I back after so long)

Ordered delivery from Bodhi Deli. The food was packed very thoughtfully! I was also pleasantly

surprised by the portion given. It was also affordably priced. Tried their Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Pumpkin Porridge, Lor Mee and Wanton Soup. Total including delivery was $25.50. Very worth it! And it tasted pretty legit too! 😋

Do support them if you can! Many vegan options. You may order from here :)

#veganisnotscary #meesiam

Thankful that the store was very happy to customise it for me (I changed the

noodles to thick rice noodles instead) and it tasted good.

I’m not a fan of Mee Siam generally and only ordered it as it was the last dishes left on the day we were patrons.

I whole-heartedly support Bodhi Deli as a food outlet and definitely see myself continuing to do so.

The Mee siam was fantastic - the tangy sweet sauce was appetising and there was

also a generous amount of tau kwa and tau pok.

this is a very delicious mee siam. portion is very decent for the price. and

it has a bit of tht curry'ish taste in d gravy, but retains d sourness n tangyness of the original dish.
Really nice.

affordable food with friendly and hospitable owners :-) the sauce was more sour than spicy

though! i'd have preferred the mee siam to be slightly more spicy.

My first time trying Mee Siam and I kind of like it. The portion has

loads of ingredients and the price paid is considerably cheap

Quite tasty. Zhai Er is very crispy. The mee siam gravy is great too.

Great tasting and can’t Guess its not vegetarian, so satisfying!

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