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Brown Sugar Milk Tea

by Bobaaz
2.20 (1)

About the restaurant

Bobaaz2 dishes · 2 reviews

Marktpl. 4, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

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Most helpful reviews

This other bubble tea was even worse than the other bubble tea me and my

friend tried (see my previous post to see what I mean).

The first sip was already more than enough, first impression: too sweet (the drink tastes like pure sugar), too many ice cubes, and the tapioca having a less chewy consistency than what we’re used to. We may be picky but if you pay the same price for a drink that you could pay a whole meal with then it has to be good :)

This certainly wasn’t worth the money.
The tapioca ended up being chunky and undrinkable (at least with the straw).
Furthermore, why the paper straws when the cups are plastic anyways?

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