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Most helpful reviews

It’s a royal roll! A tasty blend of flavors that work well together. Eggplant vegan

tempura (yum!) and avocado wrapped in rice with a sweet soy sauce. 8 generous pieces.

We got a few rolls and nigiri. The nigiri weren't as filling or worth the

value but the rolls (prince roll and shitaki roll) were awesome!! I also enjoyed the lettuce wraps!

Blue Sushi has a ton of vegan sushi rolls but the prince roll is by

far my favorite. All of the sushi pictured is vegan and the prince roll is the one on the left. Definitely an amazing place to go for a fancier night out but they do have a happy hour menu for a more affordable dining experience. Highly reccomend!

I love Blue Sushi, All of the dishes are really high quality and taste so

fresh. They are a bit pricey, but reasonable prices during happy hour. This roll was good, it has eggplant tempura, avocado, and sweet soy sauce. It’s a little heavy on the avocado, but the eggplant is always great and the sauce was delicious.

This doesn't beat my fav maki here (crunchy cabbage) but is a solid choice. I

loved the duo of creamy avocado 🥑 & crunchy tempura eggplant 🍆 even as someone who isn't big on avocado usually. I just wasn't a big fan of the sauce - it was very sweet. Still one I'd reorder though!

This prince roll is one of my favorite veggie rolls of all time. It comes

with avocado on the inside and then eggplant on the top with a vegan eel sauce.

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