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The regular miso soup on the menu isn’t vegan, but you can easily request for

it to be vegan! (They note this on their menu). It’s delicious and perfect before sushi.

The regular miso soup is not vegan, but can be easily made vegan by requesting

the vegan broth. The broth is quite salty, but the soup is tasty and has a nice amount of mushrooms and tofu.

Japanese soup with shiitake mushroom, tofu, wakame, and scallion. Ask for the vegan kombu broth.

Easy to veganize by asking for vegan kombu broth. This soup wasn't my favorite broth,

but I loved the add-ins. They aren't skimpy like so many restaurants, there is some tofu, seaweed, green onion, and shiitake.

Love how this miso contains mushrooms!
High price for such a small bowl though 😢

Flavor was on point! But there was basically no tofu or seaweed in there. It

was mostly broth and scallions with 2 little slices of mushroom. It was still a nice appetizer and a decently large bowl. Came here mostly to try their vegan sushi rolls but couldn’t resist trying their vegan miso soup!

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